DARS Job Skills Trainer/Job Coach course, using concepts of Employment First

OurTrainingCenter.org (OTC) presented an update on Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at the WOAMTEC The Woodlands lunch meeting.  Thanks to the team!

We welcome all young people who are motivated to learn new (social, workplace) skills, make new friends, and begin to make their futures.  These events will be free to anyone who is motivated. 

We are collaborating to:

  • Set up (something like Google docs) tools for collaboration (including a private forum for sharing ideas)
  • Evaluate Survey Monkey analytics from our January survey
  • Discuss some ideas for your new businesses (coding, digital art, cyber security, film-making, self-driving cars, DIY construction projects, sculpture art, culinary arts, and others)

We Ask for 1 Hour a Month from You,  As You Help Build Employment Supports for Our Candidates.

We are an alliance of CandidatesPioneers,  ParentsEmployers, and Partners in the Community.               Which one(s) are you?

Our 501(c)(3) # is

EIN: 46-3532301

Copyright 2014 - 2017. Our Training Center (An alliance for workplace readiness for learning differences). All Rights Reserved.

Community Network.    Workplace Readiness.    Competitive, Integrated Employment.

Our 501(c)(3) # is

EIN: 46-3532301

Workplace Readiness for Learning Differences 

A Training Alliance Based on Intrinsic Motivation

As a training network for workplace readiness of learning differences,

we will be sharing our time and talents

with our candidates.  

We ask for your engagement and help.

We collaborate with professionals and pioneers in workplace readiness (see "Links").  

We fill in the open spaces and share resources. 

We use individual strengths and require intrinsic motivation.