Our 501(c)(3) # is

EIN: 46-3532301

Our 501(c)(3) # is

EIN: 46-3532301

Copyright 2014 - 2018. Our Training Center (An alliance for workplace readiness for learning differences). All Rights Reserved.

Employers    We help train niche workers, who will reward you with strong workplace loyalty and minimal turnover.   You will also benefit from governmental programs, comply with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA),  and generate community good will.   We will insure you receive excellent community recognition for your stewardship.  

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Parent    Want some help in preparing your child for the workplace?   What can you, in turn, teach others?

Partners in the Community    You are needed to share your areas of expertise, as according to the Code of Conduct in the areas of professionalism, confidentiality, and accountability (1). You can make a huge difference in the life of a young person facing challenges.   It's a great feeling to help prepare challenged young adults for employment.   Everyone knows someone who struggles due to special needs and learning differences.  

Candidates     The Candidate is the primary decision maker using informed choice (1).   We are collaborating with other dedicated and awesome workplace-readiness, job-training groups.   Our objectives are to help the Candidates achieve "integrated employment normalization, defined by what they do and how they contribute to the workplace, knowing that they might need additional supports or accommodations" (1) .  So far, our candidates have chosen LinkedIn as their professional platform.

Our Network

We are a training alliance of Employers, Pioneers,  Parents, Partners in the Community and Candidates.

Our mission is employment preparation and workplace readiness for young people challenged by learning differences.

We are a collective group of friends, mentors, and employers working to help our young adult community members with learning differences to achieve their utmost best in leading a full and productive life with confidence and joy.

We have formed a Facebook group to be used as a means of communicating with, cheering on, and advising those in need of direction. We encourage the sharing of LinkedIn profiles, resumes in progress or completed, up coming events, and of course ask questions and share where your need may be.    
When uploading a resume, please be sure to indicate if it is still a work in progress or if it is ready to be shared. We want our group members to feel confident in sharing a resume with those they feel could empower and employ our young people and/or provide a safe learning environment to further their interests.

The Lives We Impact

They will be our own and our children's.  We are neighbors and friends working together to prepare our young people challenged by learning differences to blossom after high school, enter the workplace and create meaningful adult lives. 


Workplace Readiness.  Learning Differences. 

Training AllianceIntrinsic Motivation.  Finding Their Purpose

(1) DARS Job Skills Trainer/Job Coach course, using concepts of Employment First

We donate 1 hour a month, filling in whatever gaps exist, using best practices of discovery,  naturally-occurring community and workplace supports, full employment, mutual respect and courtesy, professionalism, accountability and full networking knowledge of what everyone else is offering.  Here is ourRoad Map to Success and our experience so far.

We are delighted to see each new resource to help those challenged with learning differences continue to learn ever-increasing functional skills.  If there are holes, we seek to help fill them.  

We will get to know each other better, will practice People First language, and will do all we can to ignite the intrinsic motivation that supports the Candidate as the primary decision maker, using informed choice. (1)

  • A community cooperative, allowing everyone to contribute and participate
  • Taking advantage of all the local talent we have to teach each other
  • Benefiting young adults with learning differences as they prepare for the workplace
  • Offering a reliable and diverse local base of knowing and being known
  • Supply community outreach
  • Share so many talents and expertise.